Molvest Dairy Production:

“Vkusnoteevo” — the flagship brand of Molvest company. The wide range of dairy products of the Brand unites both traditional dairy products and desserts: yoghurts and glazed curd bars. For “Vkusnoteevo” products every day we receive fresh milk of the highest quality from Molvest farms. Pleasant taste confirms the naturality of the products. Tasty. Tastier. Vkusnoteevo (The tastiest)

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“Fruate” yoghurt is for those who like to feel the bright taste of sunny summer at any time of the year. Traditional drinking and thick yoghurts, as well as yoghurts with juice, combine beneficial properties of fresh milk and delicate taste of berries and fruits and are equally popular among children and adults.


“Molvest” company produces a wide range of different varieties of cheese.

Molvest cheese production:

“Vkusnoteevo” cheeses — popular varieties of semi hard cheeses are made of cow milk from Molvest farms that is rich in fat and protein. Thanks to high quality of milk and control of the entire production chain from feed preparation to finished products, Molvest cheeses are consistently found among the winners of contests and quality reviews. The following types of Vkusnoteevo yellow cheeses are produced: Rossiysky, Kalacheevsky, Tilsiter, Slivochny.

Vkusnoteevo cheeses

Felicita — these are young tender cheeses. Mozzarella cheese of “Felicita” trade mark is made of cow milk from Molvest farms on traditional Italian technology. The name Felicita means happiness. “Felicita” cheese — a source of culinary inspiration!


Suluguni “Molvest” — soft cheese with vivid features. Soft, brined, fast ripening cheese. Fresh Suluguni cheese has salty, lactic taste. It is good both by itself, and as a snack with vegetables and greens.


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Suluguni Molvest