Our farms

Our own farms guarantee the quality of our products. Because our own farms means our own cows, and — our own milk! Today the Company owns 10 dairy farms, three of which are state-of-the-art megafarms for thousands of cows. This is where we installed unique equipment that creates the most comfortable conditions for our cows that produce large quantities of milk.

Arkhangelskoye dairy farm

The dairy farm in the village of Arkhangelskoye, Voronezh region, is the largest farm in Europe!

The farmland area is 12,600 hectares. The quantity of 107,000 litres of milk is collected here each day to produce over 200 types of dairy products. The milking herd count on this farm is over 5,500 cows. Cows of special breeds — the Jersey and the Montbéliarde — live here. The milk of those cows stands out for its high fat and protein content. And this means that it is perfect for any type of dairy product, even for the most demanding category, the cheeses.

The milking process takes place in the special “carousel” milking parlours which is the fastest, most comfortable, and the most efficient method of milking at farms with over 1,000 cows. The main feature of the parlour is a mobile platform which takes the cow to the milking operator. One carousel can accommodate 60 cows simultaneously, the complete rotation cycle is 12 minutes, of which milking takes 8 minutes. The process is fully automatic. After the milking process has been completed, the cluster smoothly lowers down to its position automatically while the cow travels towards the exit zone and steps down from the platform, while another cow takes its place.

Novomarkovka dairy farm

The dairy farm in the village of Novomarkovka, Voronezh region, is a record-breaking factory! It is the most technologically advanced farm of the Company. It is here that the “milking robots”, which perform up to 150 milking operations per day without human assistance, work. Moreover, they do automatic monitoring of milk as well the overall condition of the cows. Taking into account over 80 parameters!

This farm hosts our Breeding and Genetics Centre with the nursery for 9,600 calves. This farm holds the status of a pedigree breeding center for such cattle breeds as the Jersey, the Montbéliarde, and the Belgian Blue. This gives the Company the right to officially sell purebred cows in full compliance with international breeding standards.

This farm hosts a feed mill where the Company itself produces animal feed for cattle of any age: for grown-up cows, for heifers, and the smallest calves, taking into account the needs of the growing bodies for microelements, vitamins, and proteins.

Nickolaevka dairy farm

The farm in the village of Nikolaevka is one of the youngest farms in the Company. Today, it accommodates over 1,100 cows, and the farm will be increasing its capacity to 3,500 cows.

This farm houses the cows of the Holstein-Friesian breed brought here from Holland. The value of this breed in dairy farming all over the world lies in its high milk yield and excellent milk quality. For example, one cow yields more than 10,000 and even 12,000 milk per year with a high fat (up to 3.9%) and protein content (3.2%).

Mamonovka dairy farm

The farm in Verkhniy Mamon, Voronezh region, is the youngest of our dairy clusters. The gala opening of this farm took place in the summer of 2018. This farm specialises only in the Jersey cow breed, the total livestock of the farm amounts to 2,200 cows of the milking herd.

Many years of experience in keeping cows helps the “Molvest” Company sustain effective and large-scale development. The most important aspect of animal farming for us is the health of the animals and the attitude of care towards them. Which means comfort, balanced diet, and the balanced milking routine!

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