Genetics & breeding centre

In the Genetics and Breeding Center created on the basis of the “Molvest” dairy farm in Kantemirovsky district of Voronezh region, qualified specialists are engaged in growing and breeding dairy cows of highly productive breeds: Jersey, Montbeliard and Holstein, as well as beef breed — Belgian blue.

The appearance of highly productive breeds on our farms is not accidental. These best dairy representatives have been searched abroad for a long time and specially brought to Voronezh region from Denmark, France and the Netherlands. The most valuable parameters of their milk are: high protein and fat. This milk is ideal for production of all dairy products, including the most “capricious” one — cheese.

Thanks to the Genetic Center, new animals of these breeds are born on Russia, expanding the milk herd of the dairy cluster in Voronezh region. And over the long term — in the country. For this, the farm obtained breeding status and was recorded in the list of herd books of the Russian Federation. “Molvest” has official rights to sell pedigree cows in full compliance with international breeding standards.

The most attractive place in the Center is our nursery for calves. Each calf is in a separate house — it is necessary to ensure the healthiest microclimate, so important in this tender age.

Caring for the health of a calf begins before its birth. There is a whole protocol of activities carried out for the newborn. Everything is taken into account: the time when a calf received its first portion of colostrum, massage, drying and heating. In the first days of the life of a calf milk is fed from the bottle with a nipple. After they are transferred to the baby ration — warm milk from a bucket and special children’s formula “muesli” are in free access. Milk is delivered to calves by special shuttles, where the milk is heated and stirred to obtain a stable temperature of 38 degrees. This way babies are kept up to 3 months. Grown calves are moved to the “kindergarten” — group cages.

We take the process of growing the young stock on our farms with high responsibility, since it is the future of the dairy farm. Further on these babies will enter the herd as full-fledged, highly productive cows.

Today, more than 9,600 calves live in our center. Every day they receive a balanced ration, which takes into account all the individual characteristics, necessary for proper development and growth of a particular breed, under the strict supervision of veterinarians. Thanks to our own compound feed factory, our young receive a ration of high-quality and natural products based on the needs of growing organisms for micro elements, vitamins and proteins.

For the full functioning of the Breeding and Genetic Center “Molvest” plans to increase its livestock by at least 30,000 animals.