Feed production

The biomass drying plant and compound feed factory, where crops from Voronezh fields are processed, was launched in mid-2016 in the village of Nikolaevka Anninsky district. Advanced technologies and modern equipment introduced at the site make it possible to name the enterprise a unique phenomenon for Russia. The factory is capable of producing 15 tons of finished product units per hour — it is vitamin-grass meal from alfalfa in pellets and bales. There has also been established production of hay pellets from alfalfa and compound feed for all animal species.

Gone are the days when fresh grass food was in animals ration only in summer. Besides, experts say that natural grass-based feed additives increase the activity of liver enzymes of cows, horses, pigs, rabbits and other animals. Alfalfa extracts, rich in carotene, promote active growth and weight gain of animals, increase livestock preservation, and improve the reproductive function of animals.

In 2018, the plant fully covered the company’s internal needs for alfalfa and pelleted grass meal. High consumer demand for our premium feeds stimulated us to expand our product line. The volume of production of vitamin-herbal flour in 2019–2020 will be increased to 20 thousand tons per year.

Feed product line:

  • VGM (vitamin-grass meal) in granules and bales:
  • pelleted hay;
  • apple and beet pulp in pellets;
  • compound feeds for all types of animals.

Grass meal is used in combination with coarse or concentrated feed, as a high-quality vitamin supplement for cattle, piglets, horses, rabbits and poultry. It is a source of protein, carotene, vitamins, sulfur, etc. The use of vitamin-grass meal in the rations of all animal species reduces the cost per unit of livestock production by 10–20%. Adding alfalfa meal to the ration of dairy cows, increases average daily milk yield.

This year, a subdivision Molvest company (LLC Ecokorm) received a gold medal at the exhibition of the Ministry of Agriculture in Moscow for its line of premium-class ecological feed stuff.

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