By today “Molvest” group has formed a powerful agro-industrial cluster with a developed infrastructure in the Central Black Earth region. The company owns more than 56,000 hectares of land, where we grow organic food for our cows.

For many years the company has been actively pursuing the goal to implement large-scale business projects of construction of the most advanced and complex agro-industrial infrastructure. Today Molvest is not only one of the largest milk processing companies in the country, but also an economically stable and competitive Russian producer in new successful directions of the agricultural complex. In 2016 in Nikolaevka village, Anninsky District, the company built from the ground up two modern high technology compound feed factories with a design capacity of more than 20,000 tons of products per year. The factory includes several facilities: a compound feed mill; a biomass drying plant; a center for receiving, cleaning and drying grains and oilseeds; a logistic center and a modern laboratory.

To preserve the beneficial properties of crops every small detail was taken into account at the factory. For example, high-protein alfalfa is dehydrated to 10% of water content. Harvesting is done only in the early phase of plants vegetation period, at the bud stage, in order to preserve the maximum amount of protein. Cutting is followed by spreading the grass, so the moisture dries off evenly and more quickly. Before collecting, alfalfa is not raked in order to keep the plants clean from soil and dust. The crops are harvested not by a combiner but a specialized chopping trailer, which eliminates losses of raw material.

The company is not only able to grow different crops independently, but also to process and store them throughout the year. Thus, the quality of feed allows us to maintain the same natural and fresh taste of milk from our farms all year round regardless of the seasonality of the dairy market.

Moreover, a balanced high-protein ration on modern farms of “Molvest” is calculated individually for each cow breed, based on physiological indicators, current productivity and other factors. The calculation of the diet is made taking into account all the nutrient needs for each age and sex group, among them micro and macro elements.

On average, feed balancing is performed according to 30 or more indicators, it is high in quality, certified for compliance with GOST (State Standard) and accompanied by a Certificate of Conformity, Test Report and Veterinary Certificate.

We strongly believe that with our feed we can be confident about health of our livestock, and, therefore, we can guarantee the highest quality of natural and “clean” dairy products!